Eric Clapton experienced something he probably has never experienced before in his life: Getting booed. There's a first time for everything, right? 

Eric Clapton was playing a show in Glasgow, Scotland when a series of technical difficulties forced him to cut the show short. Eric was in the middle of Cocaine, when he stopped playing and abruptly left the stage without explanation.

The crowd stayed and booed as the road crew came out to take the stage apart.

According to Classic Rock Magazine, cutting the show short was the last resort and the only option. A statement on his Facebook page reads:

Unfortunately last night in Glasgow we experienced a steadily worsening technical problem with the PA system that the band battled with throughout the show but by the last song of the set it became unbearable on stage and Eric was unable to complete that number. During the encore break we were able to reset and the band finished as planned with the last number. The usual touring set length runs at 1hr 35 mins so in fact the full set was performed apart from the entirety of ‘Cocaine’ which had to be curtailed. Eric is nevertheless sorry for the break in the concert and the disappointment of his fans.

That's annoying. I've been to a few shows that ended early, usually due to weather and the artist has always been good about explaining why.

In fact, I was at a Cheap Trick show at the Minnesota State Fair that was cut short due to weather and they said that they were just going to speed up the show and play the fan favorites until they absolutely had to be finished, which I thought was a great way to handle it. They even came out early because they knew bad weather was coming.

I went to see Peter Frampton a couple of years ago and his set was cut short because of weather. I was a little more irritated at that show because his stage was ready and he could have started the show a little earlier, but chose not to.

Have you ever been to a show that ended early without explanation?