Rock stars, overall can do what they want, right? Well, Bruce Springsteen found out over the weekend, that, no, he can’t. 

Bruce Springsteen was playing his very first show ever at the new Leeds Arena in England over the weekend, when one of the bobbies noticed that Bruce’s trucks weren’t parked in the designated loading zone, so they did what any good traffic cop does and instead of rolling out the red carpet and welcoming him to town, they wrote up a few tickets for parking violations.

A Leeds City Councilman told the BBC that the traffic cop was just, “doing his job, if a little too efficiently.” They also said the tickets were issued legitimately, but they admitted that someone was, “being a little bit stupid and zealous.”

Bruce is not being held accountable for the tickets, but there’s no word on if the tickets were thrown out or someone else had to pay.