If you are into fantasy football, I completely 'get it'. Fantasy sports puts a whole new element into play, rather than just having the same ole team game you focus on.

Think back to before you got into fantasy leagues, and how you focused on your beloved Vikes, and looked forward to each week to cheer them on. When the game was over, you felt empty until your fix came the next week. Your friends and family knew you were all about your team and it was just 3-hours that you were zero'd in to the TV, and they'd get you back after that.

This week a Twin Cities man won a massive fantasy football sum from a large online fantasy website. See the story here. Chances are he's hooked, just like you may be, and can never see his life without his fantasy leagues. That story got me thinking of exactly why I stopped playing fantasy football, and will never go back to it, even if I could win a million dollars like this guy did.

I used to have a local fantasy football team, and also a couple online fantasy teams during the football season, and they were exciting for me at the time. I'm sure you can relate to watching every single game on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night. Finalizing your team(s) starting players based on the previous week's performances. Constantly checking your players for their TD's, yards, and sacks. Flipping back and forth between channels, real time stats online, and being a complete wreck trying to figure out the chance of you getting a win over team you're up against each week. At the end of the season, spending a fair amount of money and a ton of time you'll never get back...you may get a few bucks and exhaustion out of it all. Is it really worth it all? Here's why I don't feel it is!

First of all, as a family man, I like the time I have with my family and just because a pigskin is starting to fly around professional stadiums around the country, it doesn't mean my family members have to suffer my completely divided attention.

Second, I lost the full dedication for my beloved Vikings that I'm glad to have back. Yes, I always wanted to Vikings to win, but I'd get angry when Adrian Peterson would score a touchdown and get 100+ yards, just because I was playing a team who had A.P. as one of their players. At that point the game of football was ruined for me. It wasn't a love or hobby watching the game - it was a JOB!

I'm happy to be back in the purple and gold chair, with my family by my side for 3 hours a week, enjoying 1 game of football together. I'll never go back to fantasy ever again.