December 15, 2012

Additional Information



Come out for a fun day of video game playing!   Lots of fighter games like Street Fighter, TEKKEN and Super Smash Brothers!  Shooter games like Call of Duty, Halo and Left For Dead!  Sports games like 2K and Madden.  Even Guitar Hero & DDR.

The Dugout will offer open play & tournaments for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh.  Participation entries for larger prizes.  Magic-MTG Commander’s Arsenal, Pokemon-Kyurem & Yu-Gi-Oh-The Legendary Collection 3.

Cosplay and gamer gear welcomed.



Prizes will be given away throughout the day, like a year’s supply of Warrior Energy Drink!  Also, check out the vendor booths while you’re there.

Just $10 to get in.  The first 100 gamers in will get a free swag bag.

If you want to reserve your spot ahead of time, stop into Gorilla Games or Townsquare Media.  Or, download a reservation form.

Get your game on at Gamerfest 2012!