A few years ago in Montana, I had the opportunity to drive a sled with a team of dogs for the first time. When I was done, I wanted dogs and a sled. It was THAT cool. And the dogs loved it THAT much. Now you have a chance to do the same (and raise money for a good cause at the same time).

J. Bigalk

This Saturday (February 22nd), your whole family can experience the joy of dog sledding just down the road in Clearwater (and some pretty darned good BBQ too). Be warned, if you eat the BBQ (from Just North of Memphis BBQ) before you go sledding, the dogs will likely be distracted by licking your face.

J. Bigalk

From 10 am to 3 pm this Saturday at Rejoice Lutheran Church on County Road 75 in Clearwater, $20 will get you a sled dog ride, a BBQ sandwich, and credit for helping the  Rejoice Lutheran Church Youth Program (which will benefit from a portion of the proceeds).

I've learned that when you have the chance to go dog sledding, you should take it.

The first 200 to register on the Silent Run Adventures Facebook page are guaranteed rides on Saturday. You can also call 763-878-2358.

Have a great time, and don't forget your camera (and some napkins). Mmmmmm.