My neighbors wife did with the help of her husband I played a little game with her.

My neighbors wife had one of those jumpy type personalities so I took advantage of it since i like to play pranks on people.

For Christmas one year my nephews bought me one of those fake arms with a hand attached to it at Spencer Gift.

One evening the hand became severed by another nephew while playing with the novelty but I still kept it. Why?? not sure why but it came in handy.

My neighbors wife had a small garden outside her garage and I asked her husband if it would be okay to plant the hand in her garden with part of one of the fingers sticking up out of the soil. It looked good.

He called me when she was going out to check on her garden, so I quickly ran over there because I had to see the reaction on her face. When she noticed the hand the look was priceless and she screamed so load I thought my ears were going to fall off.

It was a harmless prank but worked like a charm.

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