What would happen if the plane carrying Brad Pitt, The President (Er... I mean Harrison Ford), John Lithgow, Matthew Fox, Ed Norton, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, a really, really, young Jeremy Renner, Steve Martin, John Candy and (of course) Liam Neeson runs into some trouble?

Trouble like, say... snakes, lots of terrorists with lots of guns (all presumably under orders from Gary Oldman), flesh-eating (you mean there are OTHER KINDS?!?!?) zombies, aaaaand possibly a flying tornado-flung shark or two.

Wellll, you'd have to hope Samuel Jackson, Kurt Russell, Steven Seagal, Iron Man and Wesley Snipes would show up to save their ass.

But as we all know, their kind of 'saving' always induces a little mayhem and destruction, right? But of course. In that event, we'll just have to rely on the piloting skills of Denzel Washington and Ted Stryker (Robert Hayes).

I gotta tell ya, at times like these, that tower crew doesn't inspire much confidence.

But don't worry there are plenty of folks on the ground to call in help. Friendly folks like Walter White, Wayne, Garth and ... and .. wait. Just WHAT THE F#%* IS BRUCE WILLIS DOING ON THE GROUND? WHY ISN'T HE ON THE RESCUE SQUAD? No wonder everything goes to hell in this supercut of movie/TV plane crashes.

Sure they crash at the end. But don't worry. Liam Neeson has obviously survived and he will find the bad guys that did this. And he will kill them.