According to a recent survey, for every 100,000 working people in America, three will die each year while working.  Naturally some jobs have a higher chance of this happening, and thankfully the one I'm doing right now is not one of them.  

If you work one of these five jobs you are more likely to be a statistic over someone who does not do a job on this list.

Five deadliest jobs in America:

1. Underwater welder -  This seems logical, I mean water and electricity just don't mix well. Check out the fatality rate, a staggering 15%.

2. Astronaut - Really?  I guess a 5% fatality rate is bad, considering how few people are actually astronauts.

3. Logger - This one I could understand.  Trees are heavy, so if you are a logger you can expect a 0.13% fatality rate according to this survey.

4. Fisherman - I could see this, especially since when I fish I like to drink - so I think the fatality rate would be greater than 0.12% for me.

5. Pilot - You really don't hear a lot about planes crashing, so I don't think I would be too worried about the 0.07% fatality rate given to this profession.  .

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