Recently there was a survey on the little thing in life that make us happy, and the number one answer given was a little surprising to me.  Sometimes it's the little things in life that make us the happiest.  Here are the top five things that people surveyed said makes them the happiest.

1. Finding money in your pocket -  It's always nice to find some money you totally forgot about.
2. The sun shining - This usually will brighten anybody's day.  Unless you just got off an over-night shift, in which case you want to murder the sun.  
3. Getting up to the cashier and finding whatever you were buying was actually on sale and cheaper than you expected - This is almost as good as finding money in your pocket
4. Getting into bed with fresh sheets - The only thing that could make this better is someone in your bed with you to make them dirty again.
5. Getting something for free - Who doesn't like free stuff??

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