I for one do not consider myself a thief - that was until this list came out.  

I guess technically stealing is stealing, no matter how you justify it.  Some of these items on the list (if not all), are justifiable by most of us - hence the list.

Here are the top five things that most of us take (steal).

1. Pens - In a recent survey, 70% of people had stolen a pen from a co-worker.  Is this really stealing?  Damn it, I am a thief.

2. A spot in line - This is one that I do not do.  I cannot stand it when people take a place in a long line, rather than stick it out like the rest of us lemmings. This is just a dick move.

3. Something from a hotel room - I think most of us feel that the hotel assumes we will take the stuff in the room.  I for one usually feel like the high rates we pay for these rooms somehow entitles me to take the pens (see #1 on this list), notepads, shampoo, shower cap, etc. Over 30% of people actually admit to stealing towels and sheets too.

4. Lighters - I think this is usually done unintentionally, at least when I smoked it was.  Although I will say if I was ever out of a lighter and needed one I would try to "forget" I had someones lighter, knowing they forgot about it.  Yep, i'm a thief.  Was a thief I mean......

5. Condiments, straws, and napkins - i'm guessing the study was talking about a restaurants, which I do NOT feel this is stealing.  I'm just trying not to waste what I've already taken.  When we sit down to eat we have no idea how many napkins or ketchup we will need, so we take a handful.  When I take it out of the restaurant I'm just trying not to waste them bu not throwing away.  See, I'm really a good guy just trying to save the world by not throwing more stuff away. I WIN!

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