Apparently you had to be in your 60's to be involved in this melee at the Golden Corral.

The Morning Sideshow learned that at a Golden Corral located in Wilkesboro, North Carolina a food fight broke out during the early bird special and they weren't teenagers either. We're talking seniors here.

The participants are Linwood Moore age 69, Polly Richards age 64 and Fay Caldwell aged 62.

So here we go, Linwood worked his way around Polly while she was getting a drink. Linwood said that Polly bumped into him on purpose while he was at the salad bar.

Polly then cursed at Linwood for budging then preceded to grab his shirt and pushed him up against the wall she also slapped his face.

Linwood wasn't going to tolerate that so he grabbed her arm, shoved her til she fell to the floor.

Polly threw a plate of food at Linwood but missed and hit Fay.

The police were notified and after investigating the mess blamed Polly and she told police, "just take me to the effin' jail then."

Can't believe nobody threw any jello, time to switch to Perkins.