It's been nearly eight months since Joe Webb's forgettable QB performance in the playoff loss at Green Bay in January. That's enough time for Vikings fans' memories to clear, and for our hearts to fill with optimism. It all starts today in Detroit. Here we go!

Odds makers have set the line on the 2013 Minnesota Vikings winning the Super Bowl at 40 to 1. That's middle of the pack (Broncos and 49ers are the favorites, Jaguars are at the bottom at 300 to 1).

This season is the year that Christian Ponder needs to get it done, and done well. If not, my hope is that he'll be on a short leash now that Matt Cassel is on the roster as an acceptable backup.

A new class of rookies, a new batch of receivers, quality group of veterans, and few injuries have me intrigued. Time will tell, but I am always among the optimistic this time of year (call me a slow learner).

Minnesota at Detroit kicks off this afternoon at Noon on FOX. Go Vikes!