They must have been inspired by Brian Johnson, or maybe they wanted some attention, too, but I'm actually intrigued and kind of want to read this one.

Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans is writing his memoir right now.

Evans was just 19 when he decided that he wanted to get robbed, stoned, beat up, broken boned, had and took. He was on board for "Dirty Deeds", "Let There Be Rock" and "Jail Break". Then he realized it was harder than it looked and exited the group in the late 70's. (Actually, he got into a pretty nasty fight with Angus Young while recording "Let There Be Rock" and split.)

His publisher says that the book will be about life in the group, the days of Bon Scott, continuing feuds with the band and will spill details about others on the rock scene including Ron Wood, Alice Cooper and Gene Simmons.

Brian Johnson's memoir was released last month. The official title of Evans's memoir is Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC. It will be released in November.