It has been a long time coming, but one of Frank Zappa’s albums is getting the philharmonic treatment.

The album 200 Motels from 1971 will get the full orchestral premiere thanks to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, as they have chosen to kick off their tenth season with a performance this fall.

Frank Zappa’s widow Gail told that the album was actually written to be played by a “rock band with a full orchestra, chorale and 15 soloists.” Gail also says that the show has been a long time coming, but thinks that it will be worth the wait because, "musicians now are very familiar with the composers of their time. Frank wrote music that challenges your playing ability.”

There has been one other orchestral performance of the record. In 2000, a shorter version of the album was done in Holland, but this will be the first time 200 Motels has been done in its entirety.

The premiere performance will be at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles on October 23.