It has been in the works for two years now and it sounds like the Freddie Mercury biopic will see the lens after all.

In April of last year, I told you that Queen band mates Roger Taylor and Brian May put their stamp of approval on a Freddie Mercury biopic that wouldn't have gotten off the ground if it weren't for Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat fame as a financial backer on the project.

Well, if it weren't for Borat's money and acting ability, the film wouldn't have a star. Not only is Sacha Baron Cohen the financier, he's also playing the title role and according to Brian May, Cohen wants to do this right and he sat down with Brian, Roger and manager Jim Beach to discuss how they would be incorporated into the making of this film. Brian adds that the film is "on course" even though everything got going a little later than originally planned.

When I read Brian's blog on the band's website about the film finally getting rolling so to speak, you can tell at least from Brian's point of view that there is still a lot of love in Brian's for Freddie even though Freddie has been gone for 20 years. Brian said that 20 years past his death, Freddie is still "very much alive" for them and believes that Freddie is smiling on them from "somewhere."

Peter Morgan will direct the project. He is the Oscar nominated genius who was involved in Frost/Nixon and The Queen. Shooting for the Freddie Mercury film will begin in spring of 2013 with an anticipated release date of sometime in 2014.