The huge Freddie Mercury tribute concert that featured pretty much everyone on the planet was thankfully shown on TV and now with today's technology updates, it's going to look and sound better than ever and it drops today.

The remastered version of The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert is back on store shelves today in a variety of formats. Remember when VHS was the only option?

The original concert took place in April of 1992, just five months after Freddie had died of AIDS related complications. Queen's surviving members asked pretty much everyone they knew to come and help pay tribute to their leader. Metallica, Def Leppard, Guns n' Roses, Elton John, and members of The Who, Black Sabbath and more were all there at Wembley Stadium for one of the biggest events in rock history.

The first two releases of this on VHS and...wait for it...LASERDISC (<--HA!) were missing a lot of footage and didn't really make it worth the price, but the new version that's being released digitally, on Blu-Ray and DVD has previously unreleased footage and performances, a photo gallery, a documentary and more.

All profits from the sale of the new release will go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which is the charity that was established with the proceeds from the ticket sales of the original show, plus subsequent releases.

By the way, the incomparable, often imitated but never duplicated Freddie Mercury would have turned 67 this year, and the new release is coming out in conjunction with Freddie for a Day, held on his birthday, September 5.