Gene Simmons and wife Shannon Tweed talk about Madonna, politics and their relationship with former View host Joy Behar. 

Gene Simmons told Joy Behar on her show that Madonna had better start practicing now if she intends to wow at the Super Bowl next year. He says he has no respect for acts who just dance around on stage to a music track and call it a performance.

Gene and his wife Shannon Tweed also discussed their high-profile relationship. The couple just got married in October after being together for 28 years. Gene says it was time to marry Shannon because he didn't want to lose her and he said it was time for him to grow up. Gene also dished out some marriage advice to viewers. He encouraged all of the men watching to get married and told women not to marry their men until they're older and more well established.

Shannon, who's Canadian by the way, weighed in on the Presidential race. She said that she had a feeling Herman Cain was going to drop out as soon as allegations were made that Cain had made sexual advances toward women in the past. Gene wasn't so quick to speak up on that issue, but did say that he doesn't care what politicians do in their bedroom. Shock.