We all know that KISS has had their fair share of trials and tribulations in the past, but now Gene Simmons has some choice words for his former band mates.

When I saw KISS, the only non original member at that point was Ace Frehley. He had been replaced by Tommy Thayer, who, under the makeup looked and sounded just like Ace. I know, I know, it's not the same, but I was so far away, I couldn't tell. Back stage it seemed like everyone was getting along OK. Paul was a little obsessed with his hair, but they all seemed friendly, but now for some reason Gene Simmons is speaking out against both Ace and Peter Criss.

Gene has talked smack before, so this is no surprise, but this time around he got very, very nasty. Gene told Rolling Stone Magazine that he,

"Won't stand up for drunks and alcoholics who get up on stage and consider it their birth right. I consider it a privilege to get up there and arrive on time and be sober and I'll be an a**hole to anybody who thinks otherwise. Ace and Peter have had a lifetime of being losers. And not just with drugs and alcohol. They're losers because of wrong decisions. You sleep in the bed you make. How many chances in life do you get?"