The ongoing dispute over who actually owns the name Queensryche has been dragging on for quite some time now, but a judge has finally declared a winner. 

The drama over who owns the name Queensryche has been dragging on for two years now and former front man Geoff Tate says he's glad it's over and everyone can move on.

According to Billboard, Geoff says, "the whole experience was such a betrayal and so negative" and he's "really ready to get past it," and wants to "not think about it anymore."

Even though the ruling gave them the rights to the Queensryche name, Geoff says that he's satisfied with the outcome because he retained performance rights to their hugely successful Operation: Mindcrime brand and compares the agreement to the one between Roger Waters and the remaining members of Pink Floyd. 

Geoff has a few remaining dates that he's obligated to use the Queensryche name that are booked through the end of the year, and the judge ruled that those were legal and binding, but any new shows Geoff books must not use the Queensryche name.

The split happened in June of 2012 with the band giving Geoff the boot. That devolved into rumors of violent attacks and accusations of financial misdeeds. Geoff agrees that everything could have been handled differently, but right now is OK with the settlement.