When it comes to Classic Rock, I'm always wondering "How do we define what Classic Rock is..?"

To me, it starts with age... I think a classic rock song has to be at least 15-20 years old before we can truly know if the song can stand the test of time. But I also believe that there is an inherent SOUND to classic rock, blues based, great well-thought-out lyrics that actually mean something and it has to have a guitar solo or some kind of instrument solo. In addition, if a guy my age really likes the song, why can't it be put into that category.

If a song stands the test of time (15-20 years old or so), has a 'classic' sound to it, and is 'rock', why shouldn't it fall into that category? Why wouldn't we welcome it on our favorite radio Classic Rock radio station or on our iTunes playlist?

I looked back at 1994's Mainstream Rock tracks to see if any of those songs would still hold up, and I wasn't surprised. It was the height of the grunge era, and the Seattle sound was all over the charts, intermingling with the classic rock acts we had been listening to for what at that time was 20 years or so; ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd and Tom Petty.

On the surprise side though, I was a little flustered when I saw that these songs had turned 20 years old. And by the way, you will hear all these songs on The LOON.

But I go back to my original question, and I want you to answer in the comments section down below;

What makes a Classic Rock song?