It seems to be true. According to this price sheet from Degy Booking International, if you have an extra $200K, you can have The Steve Miller Band belt out Abracadabra at your backyard BBQ.

Now remember this sheet is if you're working through a third party. Who knows what kind of deal Steve will cut you if you talk with his management in person and offer him fresh quarter-pounders grilled by hand. Add in Martha's potato salad and a cold Leinie's Summer Shandy? You might be talking freebie here...

Looking through it is not without its surprises... for example; Jefferson Starship, with its massive catalog of hits cuts a measly $25,000 check, while a no talent douchebag like Adam Lambert comes in at $85K on the low end. So, what, if we don't want to pay the top Lambert ask of $125K he doesn't wear his stupid make-up and won't cover that crappy Hallelujah song?


Springsteen commands $1M+, which seems legit, but Dave Matthews? Whoa nelly. DMB, you're drunk, go home.