Joining the ranks of Larry King and Elizabeth Taylor, Gregg Allman announced that he is going to get married again. Do you know what trip down the aisle this is for him? 

Allman Brother Gregg announced his engagement on last night's episode of Pierz Morgan Tonight on CNN. This will be Gregg's seventh marriage, but he told Pierz not to refer to his 24 year old fiancee, Shannon as "wife number seven". He says that he hasn't had a wife for years and that Shannon is "wife number one" and explains trip number seven down the aisle by saying this time he is, "really in love."

Each of his six previous marriages have ended in divorce, including his four year union with Cher. Their son, Elijah Blue by the way is 11 years older than his soon to be step-mom. Elijah is 35.

Before they get married though, Gregg has some tour dates scheduled with Santana and a book tour to complete.

Congratulations to the happy couple!