If you've driven around the Twin Cities in the last couple days, you easily noticed 'Welcome To The Jungle' billboards all over. Guns N' Roses are coming in 2017!

Nobody thought it would last when members of GNR announced they were getting back together for touring. The feud between Axl Rose and everybody else in the band that contributed to their breakup in 1993 seemed to never end. They played the Coachella Festival in April of this year, which many thought was cool, but never expected to last.

The billboards have been popping up in cities that are assumed are on the tour schedule (still not publicly announced). Some billboards have been seen saying "Welcome To The Jungle", others saying "Patience", but all of them having the handwritten "Guns N' Roses" logo to the right of it. One can only believe this tease means a stop in their city for a tour.

The last time GNR was in Minnesota was in 1992 at the Metrodome, with Metallica. As soon as we hear more details we'll be sure to announce and post all the details. This may just be the concert of the decade...