The day was overcast and blustery, the night cool (cold, maybe?) and clear. As the moon rose just to the right of the stage, Tesla cranked out the best show yet of their three Halfway Jam appearances.

With BulletBoys bowing out at the last minute, the Main Stage acts got going with a local band called Loss For Words. As the evening progressed, Jack Russell's Great White came down and played crowd favorites Rock Me, Save Your Love, Once Bitten Twice Shy and kicked it off with the forgotten classic Face The Day, which made the rockers in the audience belt out the loudest cheer of the night.

Then Survivor took the stage, and as the women in the audience swooned to High On You, Can't Hold Back, and Burning Heart, the whole crowd erupted in screams and hollers as they tore up the classic Eye Of the Tiger. The band had the unique benefit of BOTH it's lead singers from years past on tour with them, Jimi Jameson, who provided all the vocals on their huge hit album Vital Signs and Dave Bickler, who provided vocals on their earlier albums and the hits Poor Man's Son and Eye Of The Tiger. Original member and key song-master of the group, Frankie Sullivan was sharp as ever on the guitar.

Tesla closed out the show with their unique brand of classic rock/California blues. Loading two of our favorites, the classic 5 Man Electric Band cover Signs, and Modern Day Cowboy inside their explosive set and saving Little Suzi for their encore.

Meanwhile between the main stage acts, several local and area bands rocked the second stage with various rock and hard core metal covers. IN my opinion the best secondary show of the night was a band called Suite 1A. They played several 80's covers that most bands wouldn't consider touching and in this live rock atmosphere each song worked and was executed flawlessly.

Check out the gallery of photos from last night. We think you'll agree that these are serious pieces of artwork, brought you by Sweeter Photography.