It stands to reason that you would hold an outdoor music festival at the end of July, when daytime temps are in the mid-60's, the skies are cloudy and the evening temps dip to the low 50's. Wait. What?

Yeah, that's not really your average Minnesota summer day. Or night for that matter. But, as the crowd began to call it, in hushed tones as they waited for a warm giant bucket of french fries, Half-Frozen Jam went on with a stunning night of classic rock and roll.

The secondary stage was well populated with another day full of great local and area bands. To get things going, the main stage hosted tribute band Electric Eye, covering a slew of hard-charged Judas Priest tunes. As the cool NW wind calmed, next came Steelheart, raising temps, if not on the grounds at least in the crowd, as concert goers packed tighter than usual.

Fist pumps and guttural screams flew in the air from the die-hards as Ratt climbed on-stage to chug out their full catalog of 80's hits, including Way Cool, Jr. and Lay It Down, saving Round and Round for their encore.

As the temps dropped to 'chilled', Mike Reno, Paul Dean and Loverboy came to the stage with their fusion of 80's synth-pop and new wave rock. They ran through the majority of their hits and gave us a few classic gems like 'Take Me To The Top' and 'Hot Girls in Love'. Mike Reno still has the vocal chops to hit the notes where he needed to and Paul Dean was, as always, a virtuoso on the guitar. The band is virtually identical to the guys that gave us all the awesome rock back in the 80's. Only one member has been added, Bass player Ken Sinnaeve, who was hired in 2001 after original bassist Scott Smith died.

Check out the photos from Saturday night's shows below. Friday night photos are here. Thursdays are here.

Thanks to the awesome and always amazing photography of David and Brodey Sweeter of Sweeter Photography.