Ever had to clear the ocean because of sharks? I have as a surfer, not a lot but a few times I have. That's where the lifeguards on look out come in handy.

The Morning Sideshow recently learned Adam Fiske of Florida a guy was fishing in 50feet of water from his kayak when a fish took his bait and basically kept it as he was towed to at least 250 feet of water.

Turns out it was an 11 foot hammerhead shark. Nice catch there Adam.

The shark apparently towed him approximately two cities away from his starting point which was about two hours of being pulled by this beast of the sea.

Some of it was filmed, enough to write about,Adam stated,"Shark turned out to be about 11 feet."

Adam went on to say, "I was a bit wary of filming while it charged, as I was alone with no one to help if anything went wrong...looking back, a bit nerve wracking."

You think!

Being towed by a hammerhead for two hours is like an 'E' ticket at Disneyland.

Seems to me the minute that hammerhead shark latched on his fishing line that was something that went wrong!

Check out the ride this guy went on: