The temptation to listen to the girlfriend or wife to stop watching sports might be a big one now that football is over but don't!There's nothing wrong with being a big sports fan, myself I'm huge into pro football, yet we all have our sports that we dig and grind into whether it be yelling at the TV or yelling at officials, however you root n you teams believe it or not their are health benefits in it.

These health benefits include:

  • Watching sports is a definite workout in itself: It may not be the same as if you're jogging 10 miles but all that yelling. screaming and waving of the arms while watching the game burns 100 calories per hour, is that crazy or what?
  • You'll live longer: It's like the fountain of youth, research has found that improving your relationships with your buds creates longevity in life. So get the gang together and let's watch some sports.
  • It inspires you to get active: Logic here, cooking shows inspire you to cook and eat, handy man shows inspire to D.I.Y., sports inspire you to get active.
  • It makes you smarter:  A study done by the University of Chicago had findings that showed watching games is actually a workout of your brain. It improves the ability to absorb information better which would include digesting it as well.

So just think how empty tour life would be without sports.