It's one of those iconic WTF's from our teenage years. Some of us love it for it's weirdness, some of us love for it's meta, and all of us love it for it's seriously cool and eclectic soundtrack. But no matter why you love it, the classic animated feature film Heavy Metal is getting (or rather has already been) rebooted this April as a TV series on SyFy.

The retooled anthology will be titled Metal Hurlant Chronicles, and is already a huge hit in France, where it's been showing for a season already. Based on the comic/magazine Heavy Metal, the new revamp brings together an array of actors sci-fi projects are familiar with; including John Rhys-Davies (Gimli from LOTR), Michael Jai White (Spawn), Kelly Brook (Smallville), James Marsters (Buffy, Angel, Smallville, Supernatural, Caprica), Scott Adkins (Zero Dark Thirty), Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, LadyHawke), and more.

The series contains 14 episodes and is set as an anthology with each show a standalone with a new cast and storyline. One can't help but think we'll be dissecting it looking for the over-all tie-in, like The Green Orb (The Loc-Nar) from the original movie.




Originally a French comic/magazine titled Metal Hurlant, it was imported into the US as Heavy Metal, where some of it's readers, eventually became it's writers and then went on to making some of the biggest sci-fi blockbusters of all time. George Lucas, Ridley Scott and George Romero all attribute inspiration to it.

By the looks of the trailers, the series promises the barrage of four "S"s sci-fantasy fans love: Swords, Science, Sorcery, and Sex. One can only hope the soundtrack will be as epic as the movie's.

The original trailer for the 2012 French TV launch


The NEW teaser for the SyFy premiere: