The estate of Jimi Hendrix has filed suit over a proposed new concert film.

Jimi Hendrix's estate had been working with filmmaker Gerald Goldstein on the project recently, and Goldstein shot the footage over 40 years ago. The footage was shot in Europe in 1969 and all had been going smoothly since 2001 after both sides decided to end their fighting and work together. All of that changed in 2010 when Goldstein rejected an offer made by Sony Distribution and that's when the fighting started again and the Hendrix estate filed suit.

Jimi's family had put up more than a million dollars to get the project off the ground and now they're suing to try and recoup the money they put into it. They're also asking for the rights to the soundtrack for the film, which will likely never see the light of day. Goldstein recently asked to have the lawsuit dismissed and earlier this week, his request was denied. No word on if he'll have to give up the rights or give the money back. The judge is expected to make their final decision today.

Another Jimi Hendrix film in the works is being called a biopic, but Jimi's sister Janet who is in charge of his estate and gives the OK for the use of Jimi's likeness and use of his music did not give her blessing for the film, but they went ahead with it anyway. That film will not feature any of Jimi's solo work, but instead will focus on his time in London before he became a guitar god. One problem: Andre 3000, who was cast in the title role does play guitar, however he plays guitar right handed. Any good Jimi fan knows he played guitar right handed. If they can't get that detail right, what else are they going to mess up?

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