As we get ready for another long holiday weekend here in Central Minnesota we should be aware of two things: 1) On Friday our work is going to suffer because of Labor Day, and 2) On Monday our Labor Day is going to suffer because of our work.

Many see Labor Day as the last big weekend of the summer, and whether you're heading to the lake, going to the State Fair, or staying home for a backyard barbeque -- you'll likely be slacking off on Friday. According to a survey by Red Bull that appeared on PR Newswire, almost half of all Americans admit that their productivity at work drops on the Friday before a long holiday weekend. 'Slack-Off Friday!'

But there's two sides to the coin. It appears that the average American will also start feeling bummed out at about 4pm on Labor Day (or any other holiday for that matter) as we realize that we have to go back to work the next day.

Keep your chin up, at least it will be a four-day week following Labor Day for most of us.