Tonight's overnight temps will be downright dangerous. It's important to remember these basics to survive a Minnesota winter night when it's this cold.

  1. When letting your pet(s) out, stand inside by the door and keep your attention to them at the door. It's too easy to multi-task while they go potty, and forget about them being outside. They hate this cold just as much as we do.
  2. Put rolled-up towels around bases of drafty doors and windows. Cold air will try to get in anywhere it can. Drafty doors/windows will cause your furnace to run constantly, giving you a big heat bill and possibly a malfunction.
  3. Clean your furnace and change the filter. Don't give your furnace any reason to fail tonight. If you wake up to a 30 degree house with no heat, it may be the start of a bad day. Furnace tech's are swamped, and water pipes freeze quickly.
  4. Start your vehicle every few hours overnight. If you need to be somewhere in the morning, chances are this cold will drain your battery. Starting it frequently and letting it run for a little bit will give your battery a break from trying to be the hero in the morning.
  5. If traveling, pack an emergency survival kit. Some basic necessities would include; flashlight, shovel, blankets, cell phone charger, etc.

Seems like basic knowledge, but can easily be forgotten. Share this list with someone who may need a reminder.