After the major lawsuit over the Frank Zappa estate ended, the masterpieces of music are once again back in the hands of the Frank Zappa Family Trust.

We will once again be blessed with 60 recordings through Universal Music Enterprises(UME). The recordings will be broken down in segments, so around July 31st we can expect 12 recordings, then another dozen in August and monthly after that til the end of 2012.

Frank has quite the resume' as a composer, bandleader,musician,and filmmaker all in a career spanning more than three decades. Might add he was Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 1995, two years after his death.

The deal with UME and Gail Zappa (Franks widow) is for the entire Zappa catalog as is on Franks own record label, Barking Pumpkin Records. Many of the original recordings were that of analog, but will be remastered for the new project. According to President/CEO of Universal Music Enterprises , Bruce Resnikoff " We intend to honor him and bring quality releases, digital and physical for his new and longtime fans".

Zappa fans might recall some of the many great works by the artist, such as; "Freak Out", "Absolutely Free", "Lumpy Gravy", Cruising with Ruben & The Jets", "Burnt Weenie Sandwich", "Weasels Ripped My Flesh", "Hot Rats", "Uncle Meat", "Only In It For The Money", Chunga's Revenge", Fillmore East, June 1971", Just another Bnad From L.A." these will be the initial 12 to released, most came out mid to late 60's and early 70's.

I close this article with a video of Frank"s ; "Joe's Garage". Enjoy