As you know, cats are working furiously on their world-domination plan in their secret underground laboratory.

Official military strategy dictates that your first move in an invasion is commandeering the communication lines of your intended plunderee, so their first step has already been a sweeping success: take over the internet. It's just a matter of time before they have us enslaved, working on nefarious projects such as laser-guided yarn-ball bombs and weaponized mouse traps.

But after viewing the video below, you'll agree with me that it's already too late, it may have already happened at an obvious front for the impending feline incursion; the Aspen Park Vet Clinic. One would-be tryannical tabby has forced several brainwashed school-children to construct a cybernetic apparatus that will enable the furry usurper to move amongst the human population with greater ease and speed.

We're doomed.