The Home Shopping Network has invited a rock star to be its new spokes model.

Bret Michaels of Poison and Rock of Love fame is getting a new slot on the Home Shopping Network.

OK. So, he won't have a regular gig on the network, but he will be making an appearance. Bret will be on HSN to talk about his new album and show off his new line of guitars.

Bret is working with Dean Guitars and has developed the Signature Acoustic Guitar Collection. The offer will be exclusive to the shopping channel with the guitar, a Bret Michaels strap, a set of Bret Michaels guitar picks, an autographed lithograph of the singer plus a Learn to Play DVD. He will also be hawking his vocalizer CD with warm up exercises for singers and his album, Custom Built.

Bret will also perform six songs during his stint which is set for October 2 at 7pm.