Sure it's bitter cold, but is it the coldest ever? Not even close. The coldest temperature ever recorded in St. Cloud was -43˚ back on January 9th, 1977. The coldest temp in state history was -60˚, recorded in both Embarrass and Tower on February 2nd, 1996.

In fact, we likely will not set record lows for any of the days during the current cold snap, thanks to a nasty stretch in 1912 when the mercury dropped to -32˚ on January 5th, -35˚ on January 6th, and -35˚ again on January 7th. Yep, things could be (and have been) worse.

The marks that have a better chance of being broken these next couple of days will be the 'record cold highs.' The record cold high for today is -14, and the record cold high for Monday is -15˚. Forecasters don't expect today's temp to rise above -15˚, and Monday's high is forecast to be -19˚.

Need a little good news? The extended forecast has highs next Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (1/10-1/13) in the mid to upper 20s. Above zero.