Back in the 1950's, there were all kinds of manuals (likely written by men) that described to women how to be a good wife, and how to make your husband happy. Ah, the good old days. Here are six tips from one of the classic 'how to' guides.

The story posted on Mental Floss, says these are six sure ways to a great marriage:

  1. Don't Talk. Do not to mention your own thoughts, because that's "nagging."  Instead, be a good listener. And if you DO talk, stroke your man's ego.
  2. Be a good cook...or else your man will hit up the "saloons."  A woman should be more then, quote, "a mere can opener."  So give your man the best cut of steak and put out the fancy tablecloth. Otherwise he'll stop coming home for dinner.
  3. Don't crave sex. If you do, then you're a, quote, "sexual vampire" who "feasts on your husband's life force." If you don't want sex, that's fine...but you still have to have it. Because HE wants it.
  4. Wear pink panties.  Make sure they're lacy with ruffles, and, quote "spotlessly clean."
  5. Let him cheat. And apply rule number one...don't talk about it. In fact, don't even let him know you know, because that's nagging.
  6. Remember who's boss.

Now that's some sound advice. I hope you find it to be helpful. You're welcome, that's what we're here for.