It's the holiday season and wine, if not; maybe the highest consumed alcoholic beverage this time of year. There are many types and flavors that help you get introduced to the almighty grape. It's not just white or red anymore and a wine drinker knows that, but how about the average wine drinker?


I'm a wine drinker and have enjoyed many a glass with all types of meals, so before you serve it, sniff it.


The sniffing of the wine and the swirling of the sip (and the right glass actually makes a difference) does justice before you dive right in. Now how does one tell if the wine has died?

Hopefully these few simple tips will help, before you cringe after that first swallow.

Once the wine becomes swill it's done:

  • The Band-Aid - Sorry to rain on your wine drinking parade but if your wine smells like a band-aid, TOSS IT !
  • The Cork - it's important to smell the cork, if it smells remotely close to mold or maybe an old newspaper, a dingy basement, TOSS IT!
  • Smells Period - Wine doesn't last forever like some may think, if your wine smells anything like vinegar, old cabbage, even like, let's say; a skunk. TOSS IT!

With wine, smell is a key to the first step before you can enjoy that libation. If you're new to wine drinking taste is probably the key to that freshly opened bottle. Always lay your wine down to keep the cork wet, it will last a lot longer.

There are few different ways to preserve your 'Ambrosia of the Gods' and the following video offers some good ideas.