Can't seem to trip your lady's trigger? Here's what you need to do. 

Tell the truth.

Your perceived level of honesty changes how attractive you are to a woman. Even if she knows nothing else about you. If you seem like an honest guy, you are instantly more attractive. It's true.

A new study published in the journal Personal Relationships took yearbook photos of people who had different kinds of physical traits and personality descriptions. The study found that women were more attracted to less handsome men if their photo was labeled "honest". It also showed that they were more willing to talk to these men, more likely to be friends with them and hence more likely to date one of them and rate them as more physically attractive than others who were more good looking, but whose photos didn't say that they were an honest person.

Moral of the story, if a woman asks you what your name is, tell her it's Abe Lincoln.