ALBANY -- The colder temperatures in recent days and weeks has helped create suitable ice conditions for anglers.

DNR Conservation Officer Chad Thesing says the lakes he's been on this week have between five and six inches of ice on them. That's enough to walk on and becoming suitable for ATV's and snowmobiles.

Thesing says if you are driving any machine out onto the ice proceed with caution.  He recommends stopping  and checking ice thickness on the way to your fishing spot to ensure the ice is of suitable thickness.

It's a good idea to avoid channels, areas near bridges, culverts and moving water. Thesing says a majority of people who fall through thin ice are in areas where there is water flow underneath the ice.

Central Minnesota anglers caught a break by avoiding the heavy snowfall a week ago that hit southern Minnesota, because it prevented slush from forming. And, with a cold snap on the way, Thesing says the ice thickness should improve dramatically over the next week.