It was 30 years ago today John Lennon was shot and killed outside of his apartment building in New York City. I was too young to know what was going on, but as I grew up and gained appreciation for good music, it makes me sad to know such a life and such a talent was taken from us all too soon.

John had just released "Double Fantasy" three weeks before he was killed and was working on promoting it. Several critics had given the album scathing reviews that were later withdrawn from publication after he died. One of the last songs he ever recorded was a tune called "Grow Old With Me" that was inspired by a Robert Browning poem and a song by Yoko Ono called "Let Me Count The Ways". It was originally meant for inclusion on "Double Fantasy", but was left off that record and instead pushed back to the next record (which he was already working on) "Milk and Honey" that was to be released in 1981.

A few very raw home recordings of "Grow Old With Me" did exist, which Yoko gave to the three remaining Beatles. Paul, George and Ringo did attempt to work on the final recording, but John's demo required too much work to bring it up to standards for inclusion on an album, so they abandoned the project.

If you ever visit New York City, please make sure you visit the John Lennon memorial. It's on the Upper West Side in Central Park right by the Dakotah where he, Yoko and Sean all lived at the time of his death.