With the usual pomp, Apple is releasing the iPad 3 during a press conference in San Francisco at Noon today. Also par for the course is the secrecy surrounding it's features; some say 4G LTE connectivity, some say it may even be called iPad HD, some say it will have SIRI. There are even more rumors than just those floating about. Other sources are hinting at the release to the public as soon as next Friday, Macrh 16th.

But one thing they are saying is that the manufacture of the iPad is on the up and up, despite critics who say it's being put together with virtual slave labor. ABC's Bill Weir was invited to the iFactory to witness Apple's first ever third party audit of Apple's biggest supplier: FOXCONN.

Even if we don't see anything earth-shattering as far as child-labor or worker exploitation, seeing the insides of such an iconic piece of tech is pretty cool.