Alice Cooper is currently on tour with Marilyn Manson. So, how are things going? The tour kicked off in June and according to the interview Alice Cooper did with Billboard, things are going, “Great.”

Alice expanded a little bit saying that he had heard, “Nothing but horror stories” about working with tour mate Marilyn Manson, but much to Alice’s surprise and Manson’s credit, he, “didn’t know what to expect” but that Manson has been, “respectful” and “a total pro."

Alice gives partial credit to the success of the tour to Johnny Depp. Apparently Johnny and Manson are good friends and Alice says that Johnny had a good talk with Manson and, “kind of backed him off a little bit,” and so far, Alice claims that their Masters Of Madness tour has been, “Flawless” and says that they will likely tour together again.

Tonight, the tour stops in Minneapolis at the State Theater. Tickets are still available through the Hennepin Theater Trust.