Steve Perry and Journey told us "Don't Stop Believin'" but now it may be time.

Iggy Pop revealed in January that he and The Stooges would be getting the old band back together to lay down some new material because, "That's what real bands do." Well, then I guess Journey isn't a "real band" according to Iggy because Journey has said that they're going to stop making new records.

You know what this means, right? They're going to coast off the success of their old records. I can see why. Jonathan Cain says that they're not convinced people want to hear their new stuff and it's a lot of work to make the record. Plus, when I go to see "classic" bands, I kind of don't care about their new stuff. Even Metallica. Play your old stuff. I don't want to hear the crap off of St. Anger. That record was a disaster.

Jonathan explains that their last new album only moved 100 thousand units. He says, "We have a great catalogue right here, right now to play. We got a lot of songs that we're not even playing. So, we're like what's the point of making a new CD right now? If anything, we'll make an EP."

What do you think? Should "classic" bands just stick to their old stuff or are you really interested to see what they still have left in the tank?