Who singer Roger Daltrey spilling details of "Tommy" Tour and Pete Townshend's hearing loss. 

Daltrey said in an interview with the UK's Daily Mail that his band mate is "almost stone deaf" and that's is what is keeping Daltrey from taking Townshend out on tour. He says that he is afraid another tour would leave him with no hearing at all. He adds taht the last time The Who performed, Pete had to stand almost right next to the speaker so he could hear what was going on. Daltrey goes on to say that he "loves Pete to bits" and that they are "like brothers."

Daltrey is out on tour now going city to city playing the "Tommy" album in its entirety and Pete Townshend's brother, Simon is on guitar for the duration of the tour. Daltrey brings his brand of "Tommy" to the Target Center October 5.