From the sounds of it, Richie Sambora is trying to win back ex wife Heather Locklear.

In a new interview in People Magazine, Richie Sambora gushes over his ex wife, Heather Locklear, who he has been divorced from since 2007.

Richie tells People that his ex, who is now 52 “looks better than ever” and says that she’s “still hot”. On top of that, he compliments her parenting skills and adds that he’s very proud of the way they’ve handled raising their daughter, Ava who’s 16. Richie says that Ava is “a really good kid” which he says is a direct result of the way he and Heather raised her.

Richie says that after an initial “cooling off period”, they came back together, put their differences aside for the sake of Ava and it’s paying off. He’s very proud of the fact that they didn’t “mess her up” and that he had and still has an active role in Ava’s life even now that she’s a teenager.

Too bad Richie doesn’t have an active role in Bon Jovi anymore. He left the band last year to “spend time with his family” and hasn’t returned, though, he has been working on a solo career.