Steven Tyler is 64. His fiance Erin Brady is 39. They've been engaged for more than a year with no planning done and no date set. Is it possible they've called it quits? 

Not only is it possible, but it's true.

Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler and Erin Brady had been dating since 2006 and got engaged on Maui over Christmas in 2011, but apparently it's "over for good", according to the New York Post's Page 6.

The "source" says things began to go south last fall due to Aerosmith’s touring schedule and Steven’s struggle with sobriety. Rumors were flying that he and Erin “quietly” parted ways, but Aerosmith’s rep when on the defensive saying that the relationship wasn’t in trouble and things were all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows in the Tyler/Brady camp. The rep says that rumors of a split were due to a disagreement the couple had and that any problems were being blamed on the "trials and tribulations" that all couples have; but, according to Page Six, Erin was “noticeably absent” from the annual family vacation to Hawai’i this year.

A camp insider tells Page Six that Steven wasn’t very nice to Erin and that she was never really accepted into the family. They also say that she can “do better”. Ouch.

The “source” says that Steven and Erin are “still friends”.