Are Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth having a love fest? 

They fight they make up. They fight they break up then they make up and so it goes, but this week, Alex Van Halen has some nice things to say about David Lee Roth.

According to Australia’s Triple M, Alex says that Diamond Dave brings, "this overwhelming sense of 'coming home’”, and says that Dave is like a well worn pair of jeans that “fit just right” and admits that he doesn’t mind the drama. Alex adds that when they all get back to the studio, it’s like their time apart never happened and they pick up where they left off. Alex also enjoys working with his nephew, Wolfgang Van Halen because he has a different perspective on their music.

He’s also grateful that they’ve picked up a whole new generation of fans with Wolfie in the band.

The decision as to whether they will tour together or not this summer is still up in the air.