The Kinks score two beauts in this article as not only will we feature the song, "Sunny Afternoon" but also "Low Budget" both of which seem to deal with money woes.

Similar to "Taxman" the  song "Sunny Afternoon" deals with the everyday money woes of the rich folks.

Ray Davies penned this song for the album 'Face To Face' (1966) which was a rough time for The Kinks as the band fell into legal issues, they had to find a replacement for Peter Quaife (bassist), who was injured in a bad wreck and that didn't help because of the overwhelming tour schedule. This explains the very negative attitude of success.

"The tax man's taken all my dough,

And left me in stately home,

Lazing on a sunny afternoon,

And I can't sail my yacht,

He's taken everything I got,

All I've got's this sunny afternoon."