J.J.Cale was considered by Neil Young as one of the best electric guitar players there was along with Jimi Hendrix (found in Jimmy McDonough book, 'Shakey: Neil Young's' biography)

'Naturally' Lp Wikipedia,

With not much happening for him in L.A., he headed back home (Tulsa), as stranger things may happen, he had strongly decided to give up the music business, well as luck would have it (and thank God for the radio), the year was 1970 when he powered up his radio and heard Eric Clapton singing his song, "After Midnight."

Cale had released "After Midnight" as single in 1966, needless to say; the song became a hit for Eric and in turn that scored Cale a record deal.

He released his album, 'Naturally' in 1972 and his version of "After Midnight" appeared on that album, it charted at #42, he also released a single titled, "Crazy Mama" that charted at #22.

His album 'Naturally' was like a machine that produced his compositions to be covered by many bands, "Call me The Breeze" (Lynyrd Skynyrd), "Clyde" (Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show and Waylon Jennings) and his song "Bring It Back" (Kansas).

Aaron Kayce wrote Cale's official biography and in it Cale talks of his singing style, he said, "I never considered myself a singer, I always considered myself a songwriter, my singing always got on my nerves so I'd pull my vocals back."

Cale said about his songwriting, "Basically, I'm just a guitar player that figured out I wasn't ever gonna be able to buy dinner with my guitar playing so I got into songwriting, which is a little more profitable business."

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The J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton, performing live, "After Midnight":

J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton performing, "They Call me The Breeze":