Well suffice it to say this is the summer that things are getting done at my place.  We've been there two years now and have pretty much finished what we wanted done inside, so now it's time to give the outside some love.  



We started a few weeks ago by landscaping the shed we built last year and are now moving to our over-sized cottonwood tree in the front yard.  I bought 30 bags of mulch and really need to redo our front yard landscaping.  My only issue is I really have no idea what to do with this tree and surrounding planter.  The root system on this tree is intense and ever growing.  

What I would like to do is put new brick in around the tree, then add dirt to make the planter level (since every year we have to add more much due to the slope of the base of the tree). My issue are the roots, how can I put in brick on/around the roots and have them level? This may need a professionals help.